My Journey

from Failure to Fire
to Financial Freedom


About the Book

Good at sports, but bad at school, Ryan Larson, the son of a working-class Arizona couple grew up concerned that he’d never succeed in life. When high school sports didn’t earn him a college scholarship, his prospects looked dim. While working a dead-end job, a fiery twist of fate inspired his new direction in life—becoming a firefighter.

In his debut book, Ryan shares his struggles in school, feeling like an outsider at home, and the unexpected twists and turns during the lowest points in his life that inspired him to build his successful financial advisory firm, FirstLine Financial, LLC.

About Ryan

Ryan Larson is the principal Investment Advisor Representative and Founder of FirstLine Financial, LLC located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ryan believes that everyone deserves a chance at the “American Dream” and to lead a life they want to lead in retirement.

In five short years, FirstLine Financial, LLC earned a Service Mark, the equivalent to a trademark in manufacturing, for their Written Retirement Action Plan, known as the W.R.A.P. process, which was inspired by the Incident Action Plan used in his firefighting career. The W.R.A.P. process has proven it’s worth to his clients.


What Sets Ryan Apart


He Loves a challenge and tackles them with a passion that inspires people.


He cares about his clients, his community, and his family.


He has a fire in his belly to succeed against all odds.

It’s inspiring to hear a true-life story of someone that has made a life of caring, giving, and sharing.”

—Neil A Green, President & CEO, JABOY Productions, LLC

"...I have come to know Ryan as an exemplary person in today's world. As a financial advisor, Ryan displays the key character attributes desired by investors; Service (exemplified by his service as a first responder), respect for family values, honesty, and a sense for business opportunity. The combination of these factors, in my opinion, make the choice of a financial advisor much easier..."

—Howard Hill, Executive in the Financial Advising Industry

"Making the decision to Retire early and allow all our savings/investments to be managed by someone other than myself was not easy. After one meeting with Ryan, it was clear he understood all our concerns. After learning more about Ryan's investment model (foundation, walls, and roof) and the risk factor he calculated for us, it was an easy decision to choose Ryan as our financial advisor. That was approximately 2.5 years ago and we could not be happier."

—Matt Shostek, Retired Engineer from Boeing & Mary AnnShostek, Retired Physician’s Assistant